Office deprecations 2025

- 3 mins read

Series: Microsoft 365

Lackluster communications Guess what really gets on my nerves? I love hate being in the dark regarding future roadmaps and version deprecations. Yes, I’m giving you the side-eye, Microsoft. For what? For the very unclear timeline about the future of Office clients and Exchange Server after fall 2025. Sure you want us to use the cloud and therefore prefer the M365 apps versions. But sometimes those are not practical and you want to run clients in seggrated network segements WITHOUT the need of permanent internet connections:

M365 Copilot feels rushed

- 4 mins read

Series: Microsoft 365

Microsoft Copilot for M365 For those of you who don’t know the Microsoft Copilot for M365: It’s OpenAI’s ChatGPT natively integrated into all your Microsoft Office products. It has access to company data based on the M365 enterprise search index. Oh boy is this a great idea with tremendous potential, BUT as of 24Q1 it has just not been feeling ready yet. I’ve been testing Copilot since the beginning of 2024, and I really really wanted to like it.